Posted by: urise | November 14, 2008

My Animal Characteristics

Nah abis liat blog kumpulan anak Elektro n liat Doubutsu-Uranai nya Ashr ma Andri Haryono, ne punyaku


Ne karakteristikku

You are Red Panther, and unlike your smart outlooks, you talk slowly.
You are amiable, cheerful and open-hearted person.
But you can be shy when meeting new people, and find it difficult to make conversation with someone who you have met for the first time.
Unexpectedly from your smart looks, you possess great power inside.
You would put in great effort to go ahead of the times, and be successful.
You sometimes can have no sense of reality, and when this tune in with your looks, it brings out emotional sensitivity and sharp artistic sense within you.
Because you tend to lack perseverance and endurance, you may easily give up work that you had started.
Although you look as though you can make up your mind quickly, in reality, you tend to ponder a lot.
You can not make decisions or act with confidence.
But you can reflect back at your weakness and tries to over come that.
This attitude gets you the trust and affinity of the people around you.
You don’t lose hope, and tries to progress.
But you can be easily affected by your mood, and therefore should try to be consistent with your achievements.


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