Posted by: urise | May 11, 2011

The Journey to South Korea (Part Two)

This is the second story of my journey to South Korea. I will share about the 2nd week holiday in Sunday just one day after Christmas day, Dec 26th 2010. The story is after we were tired for working for 5 days finally my Korean senior partner invited us to go to Seoul again and we met in Ichon station near Hangang river, the biggest river in Korea that separate Seoul city. In that day we go to two wonderful places. Here we are…

1. National Museum of Korea

This museum is the biggest museum in Korea that includes many of Korea History especially Three Kingdoms of Korea are Goguryeo, Shilla, and Baekje. Beside that, Joseon Dynasty era is available here too. If you know, Goguryeo Kingdom is like in Jumong drama or The Legend drama that was performed by Bae Yong Jun. Shilla Kingdom is more outstanding because many people know Queen Seondeok drama series. And the Baekje was the kingdom that established by two brothers Onjo and Biryu (this drama will be aired in 2011 by MBC  tv station). Beside that Joseon dynasty is the most popular kingdom in Korea because so many dramas adopted this kingdom like Dae Jang Geum, Dong Yi, The Painter of the Wind. So check it out these some photos…

In front of the museum


Queen Seondeok Crown


Taking picture in front of G-20 Summit podium


Inside the museum so big and so clean

2. Hangang River (by ferry ship)
After we went around till the sun set, we went to hangang river near the museum. According to my Korean senior partner, Hangang river will be beautiful if we ride ferry ship in the night because we can see Seoul city in the night. We ride ferry ship from the start in Yeouido island where the outstanding building 63 Building stands. And the we went to east river for 2 kms I think and then turn around to the west until Korea Parliament Building. During riding this ferry ship, we can watch magic performances by some magicians and small concert. And also, we can see Namsan Seoul Tower, many buildings in Seoul and also many bridges that we passed….really amazing holiday although the temperature was too cold about – 20 Celsius degree.

Drinking coffee before we go


Viewing the building across the river


63 Building

That’s all for my part two for this story. I still have other wonderful places still in Seoul you must see in part three so don’t go away to get update for this good article.
Thank you for your visiting in my beloved blog
*Thanks to Dini for some photos again

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