Posted by: urise | May 12, 2011

The Most 5 Recommended K-Pop Music Video 2011 (Until April)

You know that many K-Pop artists now and everyday new albums and also their music video  are  always released to the market. But I have 5 K-Pop music video that are really recommended to buy or to watch until April month because the coreography is very attractive. Yes here we go for number 5 first…

5. Mirror Mirror (4Minute)

This is the newest music video of 4Minute girlgroup (CUBE Entertainment)

4. Pinnochio a.k.a Danger (F(x))

This music video is song of  the newest 1st full album (SM Entertainment)

3. Run Devil Run Japanese ver (SNSD)

This the 3rd single Japanese version of Run Devil Run (SM Entertainment)

2. Let’s Step Up (After School)

This music video is released after shampoo song in the 1st full album appeared (Pledis Entertainment)

And…………..the winner for recommended MV is

1. Mr. Taxi Japanese ver (SNSD)

Wowwww…I think this MV is very attractive, sexy, and best of the best. This is the newest Japanese single of SNSD  (SM Entertainment)

That’s all my opinion about the most 5 recommended MV for K-Pop. You can see on Youtube or other websites. So how about you? Tell me please….


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