Posted by: urise | May 18, 2011

The Journey to South Korea (Part Three)

Hello friends…this is my 3rd story when I went to South Korea about 4 months ago. In this part three I will share about my special journey one day after new year eve 2011 together with my team and also 2 my senior partners. They are women :)). On Jan 2nd 2011 we went to Seoul again and again. Because many places in Seoul that are very comfortable and beautiful to visit. We went to Seoul from Suwon city by public bus and take 1 hour long arrived in Seoul.

Waiting for bus in Suwon and my Korean boss partner


After riding bus, we walked around near Seoul Namsan Tower (but not go there just near it).

Searching for the fastest route to Namsan, Seoul

Yes here are some places that we visited during the very cold day on Jan 2nd 2011….

1. Namsangol Hanok Village

This village is located near Seoul Namsan Tower in the center of Seoul city. It contains many traditional houses of Korea and also there is time capsule that was established by Seoul citizen and will be opened for next 500 years. Fortunatelly, when we are there, there is drama shooting that is called New Tales of Gisaeng  and now airing on SBS, one of the biggest TV station in Korea. And also we went to the hanok house that was used for SBS Running Man variety show episode 19 when Nickhun 2PM was the guest (picture below)

In front of Scholar's hanok house from Joseon Dynasty


In the center of Ice palace art


Visitor's activity around the house


Seoul Namsan Tower in the front


We are one solid team


Watching New Tales of Gisaeng drama shooting


Playing with the snow


Woooooooooooowwwwwww...too old to play

2. Insadong Traditional Market
After we were tired in Namsangol Hanok Village, we went to Insadong market in downtown Seoul city. We must walk to go there and need 30 minutes to arrive there. Insadong market is the most popular traditional market in Seoul, there are many goods  sold there from the cheapest to the most expensive ones. Many foreigners can be found there and we also met with Indonesian and Malaysian people there.

View of Seoul city from one of the bridge (Namsan to Insadong)


Almost arrived in Insadong


Eating hot cake in the cold delicious


The most popular building in Insadong


Buying Korean t-shirt for family


Having lunch in a traditional restaurant with bulgogi


Some traditional foods of Korea

3. Myeongdong Church
This church is the most popular church in Seoul. Many korean artist got married here. It is located near Myeongdong street. You know that Myeongdong is one of the popular modern market in Seoul with many international brands sold here. Actually we didn’t plan to visit here but because the bus didn’t arrive yet so we went around and we found this church.

Myeongdong church


Many buildings in front of the church


Myeongdong church area

That’s all my 3rd story on New year 2011 holiday in Seoul, South Korea. Hope you all can enjoy this story. Next, I will share part four with another awesome story still in Seoul, Infinitely Yours.
Thanks to Dini and Mas Pras for some photos….




  1. jadi pingin ke luar negeri … 😀

    • Kan lahirmu juga di luar negeri kan…di amrik lagi…wkwk…bentar lg jg S3 pula…

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