Posted by: urise | May 23, 2011

The Journey to South Korea (Part Four)

 Hello everybody…..this is my 4th story in South Korea. After we walked around Seoul for enjoying the beautiful views of Seoul city for 3 weeks…in this week we went shopping in some popular traditional and modern markets in Korea for buying souvenirs and also some clothes for family and friends in Indonesia. In this journey…my team were remained to be 5 people because some members had already flighted to Indonesia one day before. So we went to Seoul with my four partners and they are all men. Yes, maybe it was funny My partners and I that are all men went shopping in market and mall 🙂 but we didn’t care about this. Okey let’s go the the 1st place.

1. Namdaemun Market

Namdaemun market is the most popular market in South Korea for foreigners. This market has many input gates and it is very large market in Seoul. You can buy everything here. From traditional cloth, Korean t-shirt, Korean food and snack, merchandises, souvenirs, till second clothes also available here. In some places here you can buy goods that the seller can speak Indonesian well. Of course, we asked for lower price for some goods and then we got 3000 Won for each t-shirt :).

One of the Namdaemun Market's gate


Namdaemun Gate


The situation in Namdaemun market


The crowded situation


One of the seller in Namdaemun

2. Dongdaemun Market area
Dongdaemun market area is also very large market in Seoul, Korea. Here, you can buy modern and traditional goods of Korea. This place also has many large malls and the largest mall in Korea. This market combines traditional and modern market. Yo can buy the most expensive goods in Korea here :). In front of the mall are established Modern Green City and now it is still built. This area is near the small river that has very beautiful view. It is caused the water and the environment around this area is very clean.  Youn can see dongdaemun gate like namdaemun gate here. These gates are very historical gate in Korea and the most valuable heritage treasure from kingdom dynasty in Korea.

Dongdaemun Gate


Buy some goods


Many souvenirs in Dongdaemun mall


In front of the small river


In front of Dongdaemun mall

After we went around Dongdaemun market, we went home in Suwon city by underground train in Seoul near Dongdaemun. In some station I found this maybe you all know what it is. Yes, this Girls’ Generation a.k.a SNSD DAUM advertisement, the most popular girl group in Korea. Unfortunetaly, I couldn’t met them directly, just via this digital adv….Oh so poor I am….

SNSD Daum Adv


 After we rode the underground train and then we went up on the ground, we could see beautiful Han river from the train bridge in the late afternoon…


Han river in the late afternoon

 Hmm…that’s all my 4th story in South Korea…in my 5th story, I will share about my journey in other city beside Seoul especially in the mountain and Korean village far from Seoul city…See you next time!!!

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