Posted by: urise | July 27, 2012

안녕 (Annyeong)….Hello and Goodbye !!!

Farewell! God knows when we shall meet again.  ~William Shakespeare

Started from November 1st, 2010 my life at SEIN began. That’s just like the dream comes true for me. And then today I’m surprised it will be the last day here after 1 year 9 months. Time is going too fast….

I still remember when Mr. Rudi, former HRD Director interviewed and asked me “How long will you stay at SEIN?” and frankly I just said “As long as possible , maybe for more than 20 years” that time. But along with the time, I found that I have another dream that must be caught.

So today, my gratitude as Software Developer R&D is started from Mr. Hee-young Cho, Mr. Gi-soo Im, Mr. Arvin, Mr. Rudi, and Ms. Tika that had found me among many SEIN’s applicants and gave me the opportunity to work and study at Kitchen Solution R&D for almost 2 years. Also, thanks a lot to Mr. Ferry, Ms. Karenita, and Mr. Henry that taught me many things in NEO (New Employee Orientation).

And then my fully gratitude for Mr. Vicky, the best leader and second father  for me who makes me to be a better developer and person. I learned so many good things from you. “Gajah Bandung alumni” decreased by one again ^_^. I still remember that I was really surprised when you chose me as developer and the pioneer in Microwave team of SEIN with 7 other members and invited me to go to South Korea for the first time since one month I joined with SEIN. After that my another dream suddenly came ^_^.

Thank you so much too for Headquarter Digital Appliance team : Mr. Yunbong Chun, Mr. Joseph Cho, Mrs. Sookyoung Ji, Ms. Jungmin Chae, and Mr. Byunggwon Park for your support and learning of many things especially in developing Microwave. Hope to see you all in Korea someday ^_^

Next are my lovely team members in Microwave team :

SEIN KS First Generation Members @ National Museum of Korea

  • Mas Tosan : Thank you so much for your help in testing of my projects so far and I know that you always work hard in this team but make friends with women is better, don’t just make friends with Japanese girls via Youtube only *peace just kidding
  • Mas Praset : My diagonal seat friend and former roommate in Korea, I know that you will make Convection model to be the succesful model by your hands ^_^. Take care of your daughter, she is so cute in your facebook’s timeline
  • Bagus : My back seat friend…I know you will miss me because no me no drama and no information…hahaha…take care of yourself, your wife and your future child, don’t hesitate to make decision…your path is your life
  • Adrian a.k.a Bang Ateng : My left seat friend and my senior at campus…The most funniest people in our team and the rival on fight getting free snack. I will miss your humor which makes me laugh out loud.
  • Ida : The woman in men community. Thank you so much for your help on testing and be patient to defend the crazy defects by developers. And hope your important wish comes true soon ^__^. I will miss your free snacks, sugar, and foods from you and don’t forget to keep alive our Karimun and Pavilion gangsta.
  • Dini (former member): My older sister here…hahaha…finally I follow you!!! When will we go to norae bang again?
  • Mas Felix (former member) : Huh…you went before me *__*. Be success in your new office…Hope you will take me there too someday ^_^
  • Mas Nana : Good tester and very Sundanese…don’t confuse with “F” or “P”…haha. Please take care of your family and congratz for your second son.
  • Mas Edwar : you always call me “Om”, “Mas”, or “Pak”. I know you are good tester with mas Nana…hope you will get permanent employee recognition here because you are so loyal with this company. Semangat !!!
  • Mbak Rizka a.k.a mbak Pinki : You always tell us the good links and info. I know you would replace Dini then and be the best software engineer with Ida and Mas Tosan…Hope you will get your wishes here…I want your cow-sound toy!!!
  • Agung Dora : The second funniest people in our team. Please I just want to hear you say “Bangkitlah Suketi” and your laughing expression is so epic….Hahaha. You just realize that what I said is true…and be the best developer in our team
  • Yoga : you seems to be my successor here…haha…congratz for your future ******* . Don’t get bullied by Dora again because it makes me laugh and be the best developer here. Ok!

Next are my Pavilion gangsta (Mas Hafni, Abu, Andri, and Ida) : I am so sad to leave this freaking awesome group. Many memories we passed through together from watching movie, culinary visit, bowling, swimming, badminton, having breakfast, lunch, dinner, refreshing trip to other cities to going work and come home together almost everyday.

I’ll miss you all

  • Mas Hafni : Congratz for your debut performance as comedian and magician…Long live Tegal…you are the weirdest person in our gang but always makes us laugh…Prok prok prok
  • Abu : you are the most important person in our gang…without you (and your lovely car) my life will be difficult #halah…Hope you will be success as expert programmer and get the best partner in your life soon. Thanks a lot for your help so far. See u there. This reminded me when we went to SEIN office for the first time on 5 AM from Bandung ^____^. East Java fighting !!!
  • Andri : you are the most talkative and bravest person in our gang. I still remember when you reminded old woman to do not smoke among people. Hope you will be success in SEIN, your business and master degree next year
  • Ida : you are the only woman in our gang but you are the most needed member for taking care stuffs in our gang. Hope your best wishes will come soon and call me if you want to go too like me ^^. I still remember when we ate in the restaurant and the cashier called us F4 because 4 men-wearing-glasses and one woman came together.

Next are my lovely batch friends remaining here : Brian, Andri, Anggita, Abu, Hafni, Winda, Ella, Bagus, Adrian, Ida. I just wonder who will be the last people in our batch here….All the best for you all here and there…

My lovely batch November 2010…remaining few people here *__*

STB Team (Mas Ari, Mas Imam, Tommy, Acung, Kharisma, Haris, Handoko, Mbak Vina, Najib, Mas Sayudi, Damar, Giri, Anggita) : Your team is the most cheering and noisy team in our department. Hope it will be last forever as the most important team in SEIN.

Mbak Ayu Team (Mbak Ayu, Mas Hafni, Pakdhe Ndut, Budi) : The most-second-visited team by me. Hope your team will always success and see you there when you all go business trip

Mas Andias, Pak Ariful, and Mas Fer : I know you all are good leaders for us…so keep leading us to be better and better Software R&D team

Pak Abi, mas Sindu, mas Anshary, mas Jati, mbak Erva, mbak Yuni, mbak Dianita, mbak Dina, mbak Nurul, mas Pande, mbak Tiar, Ade, Alex, Citra, Ayu, Farah, Faris, Gigin, Inne, Kristin, Listya, Mentari, Luky, Nani, Rainy, Rendy, Ricky, Rina, Bayu, Sri, Icus, Wahyu, Aris, and Icen : you all are the best SQA team in SEIN…keep spirit and enjoy your work including rework ^__^.

Mas Alif, Abu, mbak Oliv, mbak Dian, Wanda, mbak Ester, Fitri, mas Gusman, Gunawan, Krisna, Mira, mas Riyanto, mas Susaf, mas Yang, Ucup, mas Adriamsyah, and Gidion : I don’t know your team name right now and then ^___^ but you all are the most capable team here…Hope you are all the best here to make happier future in digital life.

Mas Anug, mas Gondo, mbak Chan, mas Jaka, Winda, mas Yovi, mas Ocep, Yudis : you all often go to Korea, needed here (SEIN) and there…hope we can meet there someday. Hope I’ll be treated there *___*

Mas Beben, Aan, mbak Elly, mas Wawan, mbak Ani, and Sindy : You know that I never go to your place but I am familiar with you all ^___^. Hope all of you will be success accompanying Mr. Cho and be all the best.

Especially to Mbak Tara who’s taking care of my general affair issues so far. Thanks a lot ya Mbak…all the best here

My beloved department team in SEIN…I’ll miss the happiness here T__T *credit to SEIN Software photo


Life does not stop here….but there are other many lives wait for me there so I just can say Hello and Goodbye for everyone in SEIN and see you all someday so I can say Hello again but I don’t want to say Goodbye again T__________T

*I’m sorry for my poor english B-)




    Congratulation on your graduation!! But hey! I’m sure I never admit you as my brother!! >.<
    It's nice to know you, met someone as annoying as you, which is so rare in this world! Hahaha 😀
    My k-drama life was ruined after I resigned, but you? You'll gonna experience the joy of speed in a country with the fastest internet connection!! And even some free k-pop artists concert. Damn envy! T_T
    Have a good life there, my friend. I also wish we can say "Hi" again someday, with much better life. Aamiin 🙂

  2. pertamax! *padahal belum baca*

    goodluck ya ris buat studinya… salam buat lee wonjae

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